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Corporate History

1941 August
Sanwa Denki Keiki Seisakusho established as a company manufacturing and selling diagnostic tools, or multi-testers (circuit testers) for use in equipment repair, following the increased popularity of radio receivers. (Koganei-machi, Kitatama-gun, Tokyo)
1945 August
World War II ends. Company resumes business in new factory in Koganei-machi.
1954 April
Sanwa begins to export overseas, to countries such as Argentina, USA, China, Brazil and India.
1955 June
Sanwa Electric Instrument Co., Ltd established as the head office. (Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
Sanwa's P-3 circuit tester awarded Small and Medium Enterprises Agency's "Export Promotion Award".
1959 March
Because of import restrictions imposed by the UK against Japan, Sanwa establishes a company in Hong Kong and begins manufacturing through this subsidiary company's products.
1962 November
Exhibits at first Japan Electronics Industrial Show (now CEATEC JAPAN).
1967 October
Osaka office opened. (Ebisucho, Naniwa-ku, Osaka)
1968 June
Sales of Sanwa Testers top the 5 million mark.
1969 June
Commended by the Japanese Minister of Trade and Industry for contributions to exports for three consecutive years following this year.
Manufacturing company Sanwa Denki Seisakusho opens new factory in Hamura, Tokyo.
1973 May
Distribution center opened to enhance quality of distribution service.
1974 January
Current "Sanwa" logo established. Company launches corporate identity policies.
1982 April
Sales of Sanwa Testers top the 8 million mark.
1985 August
Sanwa begins production of movable parts for shock-resistant band meters using automatic assembly equipment.
Manufacturing company Sanwa Keiki Seisakusho opens new offices in Tokyo.
1986 January
Lux meter launched.
1988 October
Chip mounter introduced. Productivity improved in response to product miniaturization.
1990 November
Osaka office renovated. Showroom opened.
1992 Manufacturing company Sanwa Denki Seisakusho renamed Sanwa Tesmex, and Sanwa Keiki Seisakusho renamed Sanwa M.I. Technos Co., Ltd.
1994 October
Sanwa Meter Hong Kong established. Begins overseas part procurement.
1996 August
Representative office opened in Singapore. Begins local agency support activities in ASEAN countries.
Sanwa Tesmex quality assurance system receives JQA accreditation, acknowledging conformity with ISO 9002 quality assurance standards.
2002 October
Sanwa Electric Instrument Co., Ltd. and Sanwa Tesmex unite to become a single sales and manufacturing company.
Sanwa Electric Instrument Co., Ltd certified as ISO 9001 (Quality Assurance System) compliant by JQA.
2004 October
Manufacturing company Sanwa M.I. Technos incorporated into Sanwa Electric Instrument Co., Ltd.
2007 November
Certified as ISO14001 (Environmental Management System) compliant by JQA.
2009 May
Sanwa Hybrid Mini-tester DG34 awarded Tokyo Governor’s Prize at the JECA Fair.
2010 February
Development and launch of Leak Clamp Meter I0R100, which uses True R theory.
Certified as JIS Q 17025: (ISO IEC 17025:2005) compliant with JAB(Japan Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment)

Environmental Management System

We implemented activities aimed at acquiring certification under the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management systems, and were granted the certification by the Japan Quality Assurance Association in November 2007. We involve all employees in environmentally balanced....More

Environmental Philosophy

We involve all employees in environmentally balanced activities throughout every stage of the process of delivering products and services to customers in order to achieve sound environmental management as a community and customer-oriented company. (Established on April 2nd, 2007).....More

Imitation Warning

SANWA is a registered trademark of SANWA ELECTRIC INSTRUMENT CO. LTD., JAPAN. Lately, there have been reports that SANWA products have been imitated and such imitations have the trademark "SANWA", which is similar in style, appearance same pronunciation...More


Measurements only become meaningful when there is confidence in the accuracy and the quality of the instruments being used.Sanwa has developed countless measuring instruments since its founding in 1941 and, in doing so, has delivered countless solutions to customer needs.....More