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Jual Sanwa AU-32/AU-31 - Sanwa Indonesia



Analog Multitesters

Analog Multitesters/High input impedance

Basic Features

■Auto range selection (V, Ω)
■ Auto polarity
■ High input impedance 1〜10MΩ
■ Series capacitor input ※AU-31 ACV only
■ Auto 0Ω adjustment
■ Inner battery check
■ DC / AC auto selection ※AU-32 only
 ■ 5 ranges DC / AC current ※AU-32 only 
Bandwidth : 40〜10kHz (0.25V : ±5%), 40〜600Hz
(2.5V and above : ±5%)
: 40〜10kHz (0.3V : ±5%), 40〜1kHz
(3V and above : ±4%)

Optional Accessories

HV probe : HV-50
Carrying case : C-SP
Clip adapter : CL-14, CL-15a, CL-DG3a, TL-9IC
Test lead : TL-91M


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