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Distributor Sanwa Indonesia - Jual Sanwa RD700

Digital Multimeters

Digital Multimeters/Multifunction

IEC61010-1 (EN61010-1) 2001-02 CAT.III 600V Max. / CAT.II1000V Max.

Basic Features

■3-3 / 4 digits 4000 count
■0.3% best accuracy
■AC True RMS ※RD701 only
■Capacitance measurement
※Not suitable for measurement of condensers with large leak   current.
■K type temperature
※Optional accessory K-AD is necessary.
※K type temp. sensor K-250PC is included as a standard ac  cessory
■Frequency measurement
※Input voltage : 20VACrms and under
※Input signal : sign wave or square wave with 40%-70% duty
※Input sensitivity : 10Hz〜20kHz/0.9Vrms and above
: 20kHz〜500kHz/2.6Vp or 1.9Vrms and  above
: 500kHz〜1MHz/4.2Vp or 3Vrms and   above
■ADP function (for current sensor)
■Max recording measurement
■Data hold / Range hold  ■Relative value
■Auto power off (30min.) (cancelable)
■Alarm for improper test lead insertion to current  terminal
■Protective holster with wall hanger and lead  holder
■Tilt stand
Display : numeral display 4000 (Hz : 9999, capacitance : 5000)
Sampling rate : 3 times / sec. (Hz : 2 times / sec.)
AC frequency bandwidth : 50〜500Hz

Optional Accessories

Clamp probe : CL124, CL140, CL-20D, CL-22AD, CL33DC
HV probe : HV-60
Temperature probe : K-8-800, K-8-650, K-8-300, K-8-500, K-8-250
K type adapter : K-AD
Test lead : TL-21M, TLF-120
Carrying case : C-CD
Clip adapter : CL-11, CL-13, CL-15, CL-DG3a, TL-8IC


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